Juhdets Curly Hair Studio


Los Angeles, California ​ Story I started braiding my own hair when my big sister refused to redo my braids for me. I decided to figure it out on my own and turned out to be a better braider than she was! It came natural to me, so I built a mini cliental in high school and eventually decided to pursue hairstyling as a career. As a result, I went to beauty school.


EMBRACE YOUR GOD Curls GIVEN In beauty school I was introduced to so many different avenues I could explore in the beauty industry. After graduating I was sure I wanted to be a hairstylist, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in. The first five years in the business, I slowly started to realize what excited me about being a stylist was working with natural texture and curly styles. I love advising and boosting my client’s confidence. I knew I wanted to do hair color, cutting and styling. ​ My move to Colorado In 2012, I made it very clear that makeup and curly hair was a strong passion of mine, so I started to watch endless makeup videos and took a few cutting and coloring classes. ​ When I started working at a curly hair salon in Aurora, CO, I was introduced to the Ouidad product line and the carving and slicing haircut technique Ouidad created and patented. This was my aha moment. I knew I wanted to adopt this technique and this product line along with other products like, J Beverly Hills and Moroccan Oil. ​ I love curly hair and I want those who have curly hair to love their hair just as much or more than I do. God has given us a pattern of curls that is unique and exotic and for years it was not embraced. ​ When I was growing up I struggled with my hair, I didn’t know what to do with my hair or how to style it curly. There weren’t many products to use and keeping it healthy and promoting growth was a challenge. Therefore, I wore braids throughout middle school and high school and my first year of beauty school. ​ This experience is why I work with teenage girls who are in this positon to help guide them in the path of understanding their hair and helping them to love their God given curls.
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